CRCL cytometry platform CRCL cytometry platform
The flow cytometry platform of the CRCL is part of the SFR Lyon-East platforms (CYCLE). It offers help and advice to the scientific community on state-of-the-art equipment including flow cytometry, cutting edge full spectrum cytometry and cell sorting. Since 2020, the platform is dedicated to ensuring a high quality approach to meet the needs of stringent requirements in data output. The platforms provides support and expertise to researchers aiming at developing projects in flow cytometry, from panel conception to data interpretation. The cytometry platform works closely with the PI3 immuno-monitoring platform for the development of translational analysis. We share expertise in setting up panels with high information content and analyzing datasets in order to optimize the development of cross-sectional studies conducted by the P3i platform.
Cytek biosciences Cytek biosciences
The Cytek Aurora leverages full spectrum technology to provide unprecedented flexibility to scientists, enabling the use of a wide array of new fluorochrome combinations without reconfiguring the system for each application. The Aurora system delivers high-resolution data at the single-cell level to resolve the most challenging cell populations, such as cells with high autofluorescence or low levels of expression of key biomarkers, regardless of assay complexity.
Aivia by Leica Microsystems Aivia by Leica Microsystems
Our company has been deploying state-of-the-art machine learning image analysis algorithms and immersive visualization tools for the past 20 years. We help researchers and companies tackle the most challenging imaging applications for scientific discovery, quality control and more. Aivia delivers high performance image processing and visualization to microscopists and researchers looking to extract more information from their images. The AI-enabled tools in Aivia simplifies key steps in imaging analysis and provides users with solutions tailored to their data.
HCS pharma HCS pharma
HCS Pharma is a biotechnology company focused on in vitro R&D, specializing in high content (HCA) and high throughput (HCS) cell imaging screening. HCS Pharma sells products based on BIOMIMESYS® technology, and develops its own 3D cellular models in its proprietary BIOMIMESYS® extracellular matrix. BIOMIMESYS® 3D culture technology faithfully reproduces the natural microenvironment of cells in 3D, to ensure more predictive results from in vitro studies, to reduce the time and cost of R&D, and animal testing in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic companies
10x genomics 10x genomics
10x Genomics was founded on the vision that this century will bring advances in biomedicine and transform the way we understand and treat disease. We build products to interrogate biological systems at a resolution and scale that matches the complexity of biology. Our end-to-end single cell and spatial solutions include instruments, consumables, and intuitive software, letting you resolve highly intricate biological systems, while bringing into focus the details that matter most. Explore biology at true resolution
Sci Ani Sci Ani
Science Animated communicates complex research through compelling content. We offer a complete service, from initial consultation, through to script writing, animation and promotion of the finalised content. Not only do we create beautiful animations to explain your work – we ensure they are watched by the audience you want to target. Each project is managed by one of our experienced editors, to ensure a seamless and time-effective delivery.
ZeClinics ZeClinics
ZeClinics (ZC) is an early-phase biopharma CRO using zebrafish for the streamline disease modeling and drug discovery pipelines. ZC combines in-house technical expertise with a highly diversified portfolio of services to reduce by 10-fold research time and cost requirements. ZeClinics's services range from high-throughput molecule screenings to cutting-edge CRISPR/cas9 gene-editing and phenotypic models. ZeClinics has a global reach and yet a flexible approach with corporate and academic clients across 4 continents.
MAMMA platform MAMMA platform
Montpellier Alliance for Metabolomics and Metabolism Analysis is a consortium facilities, which offer state of the art analytical technologies for studying metabolism. We are able to analyze in synergistic fashion different biological systems (human, animal, vegetable) as well as to answer to multiple analytical challenges that span from clinical to environmental samples (soil, water, air). Application Portfolio: Targeted metabolomics (MRM analysis of over 300 metabolites), Untargeted metabolomics (high resolution MS), Volatile metabolites (GC-MS) Metabolism studies in cells/tissues (Seahorse)
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